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okay okay my name is Lauren Nicole Pritt i love to read love stories i listen to alot of music maybe to much i never leave the house unless school or food is involved you can find me on Facebook by Lauren pritt i have bright red and and light blue eyes. i listen to post core or death core (screamo) i don't really like making fake stories but i will try if you guys have suggestions i like to dance and sing alot i don't really have any friends anymore because they ditched me and called me a poser (great friends) i live in Colorado. im very shy if i don't know you well. im a very awkward teen so yeah that's me.

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    im writing my first book or whatever you wanna call it read the first chapter tell me what you think.i promise i will write everyday. it will get better its a true story about a guy i met and ended up falling for him and let go of every thing
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