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    Please update i love this story i need to know what going to happen next!!!!!!
    C'est La Vie
    C'est La Vie
    HIM: Niall James Horan. Irish. Boyband member. My best friend. The guy I am hopelessly in love with. All rolled up into one. ME: Maxime Adelina Mercer. American, but of French descent (cue to my name,...
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    I'm SO sorry I haven't updated in like 823478329472 years, I'm going to work on it now!
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    I would like to be Liam's girlfriend i have reddish brown hair, brown eyes and love on direction. Im medium hieght and Stand Up is one of my favorite stories. Once I get to know people i act like Louis. Please pick me!!!!! My name is Lauren
    Stand Up (complete/ being edited)
    Stand Up (complete...
    This story is about Magenta who is abused by her dad and gets found by a certain One Direction member. When meeting all of the boys will she fall for one of them? Or will she just stay friends? READ IT!......peaz?
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    Please update I LOVE THIS STORY!!!
    We Won't Surrender... (Sequel To Forever And Always)
    We Won't Surrender...
    I told Louis how I feel.. He feels the same way! I've never been so happy! Or have I? There is just one problem.. Him and his family are immortal vampires and I am well only a human. He has eternal life...
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    I am in love with this story!!!!!!!
    Love Thy Neighbor
    Love Thy Neighbor
    A Harry fan fiction. Harry fell for Caitlyn as soon as she showed up on his door step. They fell in love, and it seemed as though a fairy tale ending was within reach. Until they were irrevocably ripped...
  • Lauren_Payne_1
    LOVE IT!!!!!
    Chasing the past
    Chasing the past
    Have you ever been hurt so bad by someone you can't get over it? Well that's how it is for Jane Wells. Her mother left when she was young her dads gone off his rocker and janes alone having to deal with...
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