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Hey hey. My name is Laura-Jane and I am a 19 year old Australian who loves reading books more than spending time with people. I have always loved fantasy novels and some of my favourites include:

The House of Night series
Throne of Glass series
The Guild Hunter Novels
The Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
Of Posiedon/ Of Triton/ Of Neptune
and so many more.

Please let me know what you think of my stories and I will do my best to read yours in return.

Love and light xx

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    Is anyone else having difficulties accessing their stories? I can't expand any of my drafts on any of my stories to access them. HELP!! :(
    3 years ago
    okay, i'll try that thanks heaps :)
    1 years ago
    Nope not working still.
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    I would rather spend my time in the company of my favourite book characters than with other human beings. Some might believe it to be insanity, but sometimes it's better to be alone because nobody can hurt you. Solitude does not always equal sadness, sometimes it means sanctuary from the world around us.
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    Illium stood out on the cliffs over the Hudson. Flame's amber ring in his hand. His eyes filled with tears and mourning. Wings of blue kissed with silver dragging on the field behind him. She had never seen her mate look so sad and it filled her heart with anguish. She approached him slowly, careful not to make a sound until she was only bare inches behind him, her fingers longing to run through his feathers. She was no longer of the earth but she was still linked to him, could still feel his pain and sorrow. She hated more than anything that she had done this to him.
    "I'm so sorry my love..." She whispered the words on the wind to him.

    He turned his strong, beautiful body around to see a shadow of the woman he missed so much. She wore a long elegant white gown twined with silver, the tattoos he had loved to mark with his kiss no longer the shimmering golds and coppers they had once been. It broke his heart all over again and a fresh flood of tears began teaming down his face. She stepped closer cupping his cheek in her hand, using her thumb to wipe away the escaped tears. He placed his hand over her wrist, savouring her touch.
    "D-do you remember when you caught me? I stabbed you in the side and screamed at you. Do you remember?" Her voice cracking.
    He down into those deep brown eyes that were flecked with gold. He nodded against her hand willing her to continue. She held his gaze.
    "I didn't know it at the time, but that was the best thing that ever happened to me... you helped me find out who I was, restored me to my brother and you loved me..." She had begun to cry, her eyes no longer able to contain the tears. He ran his free hand through her wild hair to find his feather still attached where he had left it, staking his claim on her. She smiled sadly up at him and cupped the other side of his face to pull him in for a kiss. It was soft and gentle but filled with so much heartache he had to break it, only to want more.
    "I love you blue bird, my heart is eternally yours."
    He closed his eyes against the words and then he no longer felt her touch against his cheek. She was gone...
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    "Do you miss her Illium?" It was the first time Raphael had asked such an intimate question about Flame. The silver kissed blue of his wings suddenly didn't look so radiant. He sighed, his wings sagging onto the floor.
    "I miss her everyday, I always will miss her..." Raphael could see the pain in those eyes of molten gold. Amarillis' death had shattered many hearts including his own. She may have been a half breed but she was still his baby sister. He placed the amber ring Illium had given Flame on the desk behind him, the stone now placed in a patina setting, the mark of mourning. As he turned to walk out of the small room Illium had secluded himself into he turned to see the beautiful angel crying.
    "For what it is worth my friend, Amarillis is a powerful being, she will not leave you without saying a proper goodbye... When she can pull her soul back together, she will find you and you will find peace..."
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    Based off of the characters and story lines of Nalini Singh's 'Guild Hunter' novels, I bring you Illium's love story. Watch this space to see our 'bluebell' fall in love.
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