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I never know what to write here.

The guy in my profile pic is Anton Ewald. He knows me. That's basically all I have to say about that.
Go look him up he's awesome, he's a super talented dancer & singer and OFCOURSE he's cute. xd

I listen to lots of Swedish artists. And also a lot of American rock bands.

Black Veil Brides
Anton Ewald
Robin Stjernberg
Ulrik Munther
Oscar Zia
Dead by April
Sleeping with Sirens
Bring Me The Horizon
All Time Low
Pierce the Veil
Falling in Reverse
Memphis may Fire
And lots and lots of others.

''I sing in a band and I really enjoy traditional pizza.'' Yup. Just like Andy said. We're a perfect match, I'm his long lost sister. I'm sure. haha

Music is my life and the melody is my heartbeat ♥

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    4 years agoReply
    I'm currently working on a new chapter. I'm just trying to figure out how I want the story to continue , sorry it's taking so long!
  • Lauraaxx
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    Please update I love this (:
    Rapheal is the only alternative person in her high school. She is getting bullied for her style and is fighting with allot of problems. But a day someone is going to visit her high school, someone Rapheal...
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    So basically I just logged on and I saw my movella which I posted yesterday already has 53 views. And I gotta say that blew my mind since I'm not even a fantastic writer, and I'd already be happy with one reader. So thank you so much and I hope you guys like it! I'm working on the next chapter right now so that should be up in the next couple of days xx -Laura
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    I love mine it's amazing and frantastic and stuff haha (: Thank you so much xxx
    O2L  Imagines
    O2L Imagines
    fan fictions mumble down below what yah want in the imagine and stuff yah know the drill oh and no sex dont be a little nasty. Most of you arnt old enough to have it so no.Just okay alright bye love yah...
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    I really love this please update (:
    It Started With A Like
    It Started With...
    Sammi has always had a hard time in school with bullys... But one day on YouTube she finds a collab channel called Our2ndLife...all i can say is they save her life.
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