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Hey everyone, my name is Laura! I guess it's customary to, y'know, say all your fandoms so... here I go:
I am most definitely a Potterhead (Hufflepuff, what else?!)
I am a Merlinian (Merthur FTW!!)
I am a Tribute (Peenis is my babe... and Haymitch... and Finnik)
I am a Demi-god (Apollo)
I am a Dragon Trainer (And Toothless is MINE!!!!)
I am a Disney lover - always and forever
I am a 'I am number four' fan (not sure what they're called)
I am also Abnegation
I also have to add that I LOVE STARDUST (the film) and Imagine Dragons is my favourite band :)

Well, I think that's it! Anyway, I guess I joined Movellas because I love writing. And I hope you like my stories (the ones I have yet to post) because my absolute dream is to become a writer! Anyway, I'm just gonna end with this:

'Stars can't shine without darkness.'

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