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  • laugh.like.niall.28
    Niall and Sydney have to get together again!! The story just wouldn't be the same!:) this is awesome please update!!
    Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)
    Cannonball (Sequel...
    But love conquers all right?
    5 years ago
    Don't worry... I'm not finished with the story.
  • laugh.like.niall.28
    It won't let me see the new chapter:((
    Never Lost Hope
    Never Lost Hope
    Christine and Harry are as happy as could be. They have wonderful jobs and their kids are grown up, Darcy already 16. Just when things are going perfectly for the family, Harry receives shocking news one...
    Christine Seguin
    5 years ago
    Oh that's because I was writing and I accidentally clicked publish instead of save as draft. I'm still working on it. It's a verryy long chapter to make up for the long wait, haha!
  • laugh.like.niall.28
    I loved the detail in Louis letter!!! I almost cried! Great job!!:))
    Life's A Cruel Game
    Life's A Cruel Gam...
    Ava's life has always been difficult. She struggles especially when it comes to LOVE. My story for the On Dublin Street Competition. Please like and comment :)
  • laugh.like.niall.28
    Kylie Bevell 16 dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes:) hope you pick me and good luck to the winner (even if it isn't me:)
    The Bully Across The Street
    The Bully Across...
    Bella's world is flipped around when she finds out her bully is in love with her.
  • laugh.like.niall.28
    Name:Kylie what I look like: dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, freckles Personality: funny, bubbly, loud, crazy Misc: sporty/really athletic, sing when I'm by myself:)) thanks:)
    You Want Me More
    You Want Me More
    Summer Rose Valentino is the sneaky, sexy, quirky and mischievous ex-girlfriend of the ever so famous member of One Direction, Harry Styles. It has been almost a year since their break up and things have...
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