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    mumbled "Check out my Movella"

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    Dreams | Niall Horan"You've been on the run your entire life Chelsea... it's time to settle down." I thought about it for a second before turning my attention to a very weak...

    It would mean alot if you guys read my new Movella - Dreams.
    I am really looking forward to write more chapters and feedback would be appreciated
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    I enjoyed this so much!
    Never Been Hurt | Harry Styles
    Never Been Hurt...
    18 year old Chelsea Smith has had a 'perfect' life, well.. maybe not as perfect as everybody thinks. When her parents leave Harry Styles to protect her, she finds herself falling in love with him and he...
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    Blood Brothers

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    (I didn't know what forum to put this in)

    Hi, I'm currently working on Blood Brothers for my GCSE's and i'm in need of some help. What is the significance of the Narrator and what does the 'Shoes Upon The Table' song mean other than superstition.

    Also why is the line 'Y' know the devil's got your number' repeated a numerous amount of times throughout the book?

    Please help x
    Enya Sanders☕️
    It is pretty cool :). It's a musical too, so we get to watch it on YouTube XD. That does sound kind of dull- I mean if you're supposed to know the text, it's hard to do when it's boring. But yeah, it's good you can analyse it easily! BB has soooo much that can be over-analysed DX
    3 years ago
    Thank-you so much! Your comment has helped a lot!
    I never thought about how Mrs Lyons goes mad and the devil could be linked! This certainly gives me a better understanding of what the narrator is all about! Thank-you x
    Enya Sanders☕️
    You're welcome! My pleasure :)
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    The Little Sister | Harry Styles

    4 years agoReply
    Hey guys! I've posted a new story called The Little Sister and I was wondering if you'd check it out, I really want feedback on it however I have only posted the introduction. Go read it, hopefully it will not disappoint!xox
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