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Uhmm..idk. I like music....?

  • LarryShipper12
    Liam's Girlfriend if I am not too late.
    -My Name is Nicki but if people want to annoy me they call me 'Nicki Minaj'
    -I am about 5'3
    -Brunette with blonde highlights
    -How old you wanna make me, it doesn't matter.
    -Green eyes that change to grey or blue sometimes
    -Im from california. "California Gurlll"
    -I like to sing, and listen to music and pull pranks, horror movies to me are funny. I speak what pops into my mind. It seems like I have ADHD but I dont, Im just very immature. I hate math but I like to read. I love cats. Im insomniac and I love energy drinks.
    Breathe Me-Niall Horan
    Breathe Me-Niall...
    "Just because you've fallen, doesn't mean you have to break."
  • LarryShipper12
    I dislike Justin Bieber but this is a pretty good story.
    Suicide Saver
    Suicide Saver
    More tears streamed down my face. This is it. I'm actually gonna do this. I'm actually gonna end my life and commit suicide. Wait. Is that another person? He's walking toward me. I have to do this now....
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