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Hi my name is nicole. I am 13 years old. I love one direction. I write dirty 1D fanfics so please don't report if you dont like then dont read thanks. I have 1117 followers on my instagram and 489 on facebook. I love tyler oakley ✌����

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    ~Clair's P.O.V~
    I didn't really ask for this, in fact all I wanted to do was leave the world. And all its problems. But that changed after he came into my life. I remember it like it was yesterday. ~~~~~~~~~~~
    It was like everyday, school. I felt like I didn't wanna go today it was raining, the wind was blowing but it was still warm. It was weird... all my friends walked and my car was out if gas so I had to walk. Since I had dance first thing today I had to wear the required shorts, plaid shirt tied around my waist. And a black tank with my hair down and a bennie on. The one my mother had before she died. Anyways, after all this I wore the same outfit but I forgot my converse at home so I had to wear my jordans all day. "Clair!" My friend tyra yelled. I was new at this school but everyone liked me. I don't know why, I don't take care of my health (like smoking, drinking etc) but thats been under control for a while.

    ~Harry's P.O.V~
    I didn't want to go to school. I mean a new school were all the girls have boy friends and I don't.... it was stupid. I wish I could have stayed with my ex. But she was cheating on me but still she made me feel... welcome. Anyways, the school made me sign up for an elective class... they had cheer *hell no* football *gay as fuck* pta *...* history *don't need* and many more. The only thing that I liked was dance so I had to. First period was dance so I guess I was ready. Everyone stared at me. I had tattoos, curly hair, and snake bite piercings. "Everyone this is harry, he's new" I didn't catch the rest from the principle because a hot girl was sitting there staring at me... I felt weird but she was hot. She had a huge cross on her leg and she was sitting there. She had a nose piercing and she was sooo hot. I could stop looking. "Harry? You can go work with clair" the teacher said. The girl who was staring at me walked up and grabbed my wrist smiling. I could tell we were gonna be good friends.
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    mumbled "Get to know the new me!!!!"

    Hi, my name is nicole. I love one direction. I'm pale because im italian, british, and irish. I make dirty 1D fanfics so please dont report. If you dont like what you read dont report just dont read.
    Thats because you search up tublr people and im there.
    Thats because you search up tublr people and im there.
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    Sorry but you don't look 13,and your profile picture of you right now doesn't look anything like you. Don't fake your looks,be yourself.
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