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    If you guys have never slow danced, be glad. Friday night was the 8th grade formal at my school. I was having a great time. Laughing, dancing, twerking... The clock said 913pm and the DJ announced that the slow dances were coming up and we needed to call our parents and inform them that they needed to pick us up. I didn't think anything about the slow dances, until.... I was sitting at a round table being a dork because, I mean who was I going to dance with. I looked up, and I saw the most heart shattering encounter in my life. They guy I have liked since OCTOBER, was dancing with a one of my mortal enemies. I could not breathe. My entire existence seemed worthless because I wasn't the one dancing with him. Of course, I started crying. Not just a few tears. I was bawling. I must have looked like someone had just died, because three very popular people asked me what was wrong. I just shrugged and asked them to leave, which they did. My friends all noticed my tears and they gave me the comfort and love of true friends. I finally broke away from their barricade and leaned against the wall, crying my soul out. The song ended and I thought I was free, then he walked up to my friend and asked why I was crying, and I'm guessing she explained it. Then, almost as if pulled from a John Hughes script, he walked his gorgeous self over to me. "Lilly, let's do this thing." He led me to the middle of the dance floor that was really linoleum placed side by side to make a checked path, and we danced. The sound of "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking" by Blake Shelton filled my weary ears.
    Fellow Movellans, it was the best night of my life. It was quiet and the rest of the world, even the uncontrollable screams from my friends, were silenced. If you're worried about your first slow dance, don't fret. If you're as lucky as me to have a boy to guide you through it, you'll be fine.
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    I like it :)
    Happy Valentine's Day
    Happy Valentine's...
    One-shot of Harry Styles. Emma plans on spending Valentine's Day on playing video games, but Harry doesn't seem to agree and uses his own methods to try and subdue her. Who wins? I've made it pretty ambiguous...
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