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My name is Kaylen and I decided to start making fan fictions. I am going to make one and try to update a lot. I hope you love the one I'm making. I want to make a lot of fan fictions so wait and see. I am DEDICATED to One Direction and that's probably all my fan fictions are going to be about. So hope you love the fan fictions I'm going to make! I'M ALSO A LARRY SHIPPER AND I'M PROUD TO SAY IT!! :)

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    Hey Kiki!!! I love this!!!:DD xxx
    Best Friends Forever
    Best Friends Forev...
    Harry and Leigh-Anne have been friends ever since Middle School. Experience their past and lead up to a shocking/sad ending.~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE give me feedback!! PLEASE Favorite if you like it!! Please!!xxx~~~~~~~~~~
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    OMG I'M SO GLAD YOU ALL LOVE IT!! I am writing the second chapter so I will try and update when I'm done!!!:DD xxx
    I Will Always Love You
    I Will Always Love...
    Amya ends up moving to Cheshire and moves in next to a boy she thinks is cute. She really doesn't think he likes her but she is wrong. She then falls for him and so does he, but what happens when he goes...
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