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Hello! I might write stories idk because i suck at writing.

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    Added chapter : two new friends!!!
    best friends with Larry
    best friends with...
    Mary Jane is friends with Louis and Harry. When they audition for the XFactor, they leave her behind. Her worst enemie thinks that she is lying when ever she says that she used to be friends with Louis...
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    I cant see the last chapter:(
    One Direction adopted a hybrid
    One Direction adop...
    Katie gets sent to a orphanage in London???? Who might adopt her?? WHat happens on a Full moon? Read and find out.
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    OMG. twelve too
    trapped in a world of hate
    trapped in a world...
    hey, my names jenna millings. my sister and mother abuse me. i have tried to escape multiple times but always fail because they call the police on me. when a mysterious boy walks into my life will he save...
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    OMG OMG OMG please update oh and I made a picture to go with this story but I changed Louise to Louisa g check it out.on my IG _georgia_rose_here_
    Look Alikes || Do NOT Read!
    Look Alikes || Do...
    ©Copyrighted|Ariana A. Twins? No! Look Alikes? Yes! This is the story of Harriet Miles, Nia Heron, Leigh-Ann Drayne, Zayla Mavrik, and Louise Tomson. They are in a small band together that we formed called...
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    Idk what mumble is but if you want i can email it to you?:/
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    like mumble on here lol post it on your wall and tag me on it
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    Oh okwait:)
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