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Hey I'm Lara and I'm tall, with long curly brown hair, and brown eyes. i'm quite slim, and like to sing, and have been in a few concerts at school, so it shows I'm not that bad :/ I also do ballet, and is part of the Royal Ballet school, wich is fun :D

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    Hello my name is Lara, and I love to write even though I'm not very good, sad I know :(
    But on the bright side I look like Emma Watson so its not all bad :]]
    Charley is a close friend of mine so I get her to help me with my storys because she is a very good writer even if she is a bit big headed :0 I'm just kidding :D
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    Wow, thats really good!<3
    Hurt. Pain. And a whole lot of love. Zoe comes back...alone and confused. But she's not the same 'queen bee' as she used to pretend to be. For her, High Schools now a long road to the past...not the...
    6 years ago
    Thankyou babe :)<3
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