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First Place Winner of the Dia De Los Muertos Competition with 'Ripped'

Second Place Winner of the Huntsman Competition with 'The Musketeer'

Nominated for Movella of the Year (2015) with 'Hoist the Colours'

Nominated for Movellian of the Year (2016)

Nominated for Author of the Year (2016)

Author of the Month (March 2016)

Winner of the Band Fanfiction Category for Battle of the Fandoms with 'Aviva'

Fifth Place in the Yeti's Top Movellas of the New Year with 'Hoist the Colours'

Sixth Place in the Action and Adventure Genre of All Time with 'Hoist the Colours'
*If one excludes the stories that have been placed in the incorrect genre, then 'Hoist the Colours' is in second place!

Currently Working On:
➶ The League of Extraordinary Women
➶ A fabulous co-author story with @SnowPotato_

Discontinued for Now:
➶ The Musketeer
➶ Olde Town Creek
➶ Aviva
➶ You Wanna See?
➶ I, Lady Grey
➶ Hood

➶ Hoist the Colours
➶ Ripped

Coming Soon:
➶ The Widow Train [For the Historical Fiction Competition]
➶ The League of Extraordinary Women [Screenplay and Novel]
➶ Hoist the Colours [Rewritten Novel and Possible Screenplay]

Feel free to post a message on my wall at any time. As long as it is polite, I will gladly answer it so that we can strike up a conversation. :-)


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    mumbled "I'm being SO productive."

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    No I'm not. I'd like to think I am being productive... but no. I'm working on two trailers (hopefully I can make at least one halfway decent), creating a website, and attempting to record a Hoist the Colours audiobook. You can imagine how well that's going!

    How are you all?
    1 weeks ago
    I'm good thanks for asking
    Le Fox
    1 weeks ago
    Goodness, that sounds like a lot. XD

    I'm alright, stressing over exams but I've already got five down and only three over as many weeks left, so things are looking a bit better on that front. XD

    How are you? :)
    1 weeks ago
    Oh @[Le Fox] I totally understand that- I have final tests coming up and I am NOT looking forward to it....
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    mumbled "Update."

    I am WAY too obsessed with musicals. I am currently searching the Broadway website to find musicals to listen to. So far, I've listened to Les Mis, Hamilton, (attempted to listen to Wicked, but I didn't really like it), Newsies, Chicago, Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, (attempted to listen to Sweeney Todd but it was too... dark, I guess? Not catchy in the slightest? I didn't like it), and I'm about to watch a bad quality recording of 'Bonnie and Clyde'.

    I'll be listening to:

    - Assassins
    - MAYBE Cabaret? I guess it depends. I'll need to read EXACTLY what it's about.
    - Hairspray. Maybe.

    I also have a list of recommendations to get through.

    Besides that, I'm going to be learning how to draw Disney-style in order to illustrate my characters from HTC. The cast of characters has gone through a HUGE change so it'd be interesting to draw how they look now.
    2 weeks ago
    Same, same.... I got the Hamilton a Revolution book and it only feeds to the obsession. What is the Scarlet Pimpernel about/where did you find it?
    C A P T A I N
    2 weeks ago
    I really want that book! Definitely need to buy it.

    So, it's basically about this guy in the French Revolution who is saving people from the guillotine. It's really good, although I would suggest that you skip the songs "Believe" and "Vivez" if you listen to it. Those two songs are really boring and the person who sings them has an annoying voice. XD You can find it on Spotify or Youtube. :-)
    2 weeks ago
    Okay thanks! The book is totally worth it!
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    I see like, a bunch of musicals being nominated. So why not just all musicals all together? If we have one category for ALL TYPES of band fanfictions, then why not one category for ALL TYPES of musicals?

    Also, Avatar the Last Airbender, Pretty Little Liars, and Harry Potter.
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    mumbled "Just got home. "

    1 months agoReply
    It's April and I'm already DYING OF HEAT! They made us go outside for our warm up in gym today, and let me tell you, I CERTAINLY warmed up! I was sweating all over the place and my face was red... so red that I joked that I looked like a strawberry. XD

    But I suppose that part of the reason I looked so worked up was because my friends and I were ranting about the dress code that our administrator just brought up. Not one word of it was focused towards boys-- it was all about girls and how we couldn't show our shoulders, couldn't wear anything above the knee... but not ONE WORD to the boys that they can't sag their pants! Not one word on how they can't wear skin tight jeans that look as though they were painted on! Not! One! Word!

    So my friends and I basically pranced around on the track whilst screaming, "OMG! WHAT A NICE SHOULDER YOU HAVE THERE, BUT COVER IT UP OR YOU MIGHT JUST GET DRESS CODED!"

    My comments: "They say that my shoulders are distracting for the boys... but you know what TURNS ME ON? Their LEG MUSCLES. My GOD, I'm gonna get a bad grade because his shorts are showing his LEG MUSCLES and I am just SO distracted!" "But you know what's even more distracting about the boys? THE JUNGLE OF ARMPIT HAIR THAT THEY HAVE SHOWING WITH THEIR /SLEEVELESS/ SHIRTS!" "THAT UNDERWEAR. OH. MY. GOD. I'd just like to STARE AT IT all GOD DAMN day whilst getting DRESS CODED for having BARE SHOULDERS!" "It looks like we've been transported back to the eighteenth century. Jesus Christ, *friend's name* DON'T SHOW YOUR ANKLES! IT MIGHT DISTRACT THE BOYS and it's SO improper!"

    One wouldn't believe how many girls heard me ranting and agreed! I know that my comments may seem sexist, as they're pointing out that boys are not getting dress coded... but let's be honest. Our school (perhaps even the whole administration) is targeting girls specifically for dress codes while boys walk around with their a** hanging out of their pants! How in the WORLD is that fair?

    Another girl had never seen me so worked up but she joined in. Even the boys were getting ticked off about the dress code!

    Like, I'm not saying we should be able to walk into the school with a bikini on, but come on! It was like, eighty degrees today and we're told that we can only wear shorts at are knees? It's insanity!

    Uggggghhh. I'll be deleting this later, especially if it offends someone. :-) This weekend I'm going to be writing reviews for others, watching "Baby Daddy" (I love that show but I only get to see the middle of it in the morning), and drawing something so that it can be ready for Hoist the Colours's anniversary. :-)
    AIKO- beloved one
    1 months ago
    Lol but i agree thats so unfair thats just against our female rights how come boys can do that and we cant that what my pe teacher says 'its so unladylike escuse muah for complaining but its the 21st centrey. And anyways its the boys fualt for looking right. You should complain to the headmistress/master (not that they even listen but its worth it as he/she may allow u. Unless u have the same prissy silly strict headteacher i have)
    3 weeks ago
    Wow and then there's me still wearing a thick coat and jumpers O_O

    But apparently I'm well known for not following dress codes. The other day I was asked why I was wearing a coat indoors and I said 'because it's raining and I just got inside' they told me to take it off and I said no. I wasn't even in class yet! XD
    3 weeks ago
    dress codes in america are quite outrageous, in my opinion, considering they mostly target one sex (females) and strictly enforce it onto them and use the excuse of their bodies being a mere 'distraction' to boys.

    honestly the one thing i like about where i live is that we have uniforms and our dress codes are almost exactly the same xD
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    mumbled "Musicals."

    1 months agoReply
    Just finished 'Newsies'. I absolutely LOVED it, but, being as I watched the movie version which left out a lot of the songs, I'm going to have to listen to the soundtrack on Spotify.

    I also just found out that they made a movie out of 'Chicago', which I want to see, so I'm going to watch it tomorrow.

    I tried listening to 'Wicked', and I think I'm going to have a hard time getting into it, but it sounds like it'll be good once I get further into the soundtrack.

    I have a few others on my list, too.
    Le Fox
    1 months ago
    I LOVE WICKED! When it came to Edinburgh, my whole family went to see it, and it turned out the woman who played Elphaba is actually a distant tmrelative of ours. XD
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️
    I love wicked!!!
    1 months ago
    Oh! Has anyone seen Little Shop Of Horrors?? That's a BRILLIANT musical, and a great film~
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