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"And what, pray tell, is a king to a god?"

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First Place Winner of the Dia De Los Muertos Competition with 'Ripped'

Second Place Winner of the Huntsman Competition with 'The Musketeer'

Nominated for Movella of the Year (2015) with 'Hoist the Colours'

Nominated for Movellian of the Year (2016)

Nominated for Author of the Year (2016)

Author of the Month (March 2016)

Winner of the Band Fanfiction Category for Battle of the Fandoms with 'Aviva'

Winner of Movellas Battle of the Fandoms 2015 One Direction Category with "Labels"

Fifth Place in the Yeti's Top Movellas of the New Year with 'Hoist the Colours'

Sixth Place in the Action and Adventure Genre of All Time with 'Hoist the Colours'
*If one excludes the stories that have been placed in the incorrect genre, then 'Hoist the Colours' is in second place!

Currently Working On:
➶ The League of Extraordinary Women
➶ A fabulous co-author story with @SnowPotato_

Discontinued for Now:
➶ The Musketeer
➶ Olde Town Creek
➶ Aviva
➶ You Wanna See?
➶ I, Lady Grey
➶ Hood

➶ Hoist the Colours
➶ Ripped

Coming Soon:
➶ The Widow Train [For the Historical Fiction Competition]
➶ The League of Extraordinary Women [Screenplay and Novel]
➶ Hoist the Colours [Rewritten Novel and Possible Screenplay]

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    mumbled "Historical dramas?"

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    Are there any historical dramas that stick close to history that y'all know of? I tried watching 'Reign' but I don't like it much - the fashion is modern and it bothers me, so I am unable to get into it. It doesn't have to stick VERY close to history, just enough so that the world in which the story is taking place is somewhat accurate.
    2 days ago
    Well, I mean there's John Adams but that's very political and heavily historical (plus you might want to fast forward some scenes if you're like me) and there is also Downton Abbey (if that's how you spell it) those are both shows my dad watches (but I've seen 2 episodes of John Adams with some parts skipped).
    2 days ago
    100% recommend Indian Summers season 1 and 2, and Taboo which aired just recently on BBC 1. Not sure how close they stick to actual history but it all seemed like it fit well to me.
    Le Fox
    2 days ago
    'The Crown' on Netflix is good. Idk if you'd call it historical necessarily, but it's about Queen Elizabeth the Second's early years o being queen. There's also 'Victoria' which aired on STV last year, about the early reign of Queen Victoria, which is amazing.
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    Title: Hoist the Colours
    Author: Alora
    Genre : Action
    Anything Else: Nope!

    Thanks in advance!!
    Review Store
    Review Store
    I'm not the best author myself and I love feedback on my stories. So I made this store to help other people on what I think and how I can help them! I will tell you the 100% truth on what I think about...
    Emily Witte
    2 days ago
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    Should be reviewed by tonight sorry for the wait
    Emily Witte
    2 days ago
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    Done! :)
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    Author : Captain (but I like to be called Alora).
    Genre : Action
    Rating : Yellow.
    Link to Book :
    Hoist The Colours **Unedited Spellin...I only have a limited amount of time to tell you this dear readers. I am Morrow. I am sixteen. And I'm a pirate. (Awesome cover by Lady Tatertot! Go...

    Characters to be Evaluated : Morrow and Morria, along with Torro and Arverly.
    Additional Information : I am rewriting this story right now and will be taking any suggestions you may make in the review into consideration. Be as harsh as you want- I won't be offended.

    Thanks in advance!
    The Review Book
    The Review Book
    Because of popular demand, I have finally made a review book! Simply comment below a link to your story and give the book a like/favorite and wait patiently for it to be produced. Happy writing!
    Nicolas L.
    1 hours ago
    No problem, and thank you for submitting!
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    Hi there! I would really appreciate it if you would take a look at this:

    Hoist The Colours **Unedited Spellin...I only have a limited amount of time to tell you this dear readers. I am Morrow. I am sixteen. And I'm a pirate. (Awesome cover by Lady Tatertot! Go...

    Being as I am rewriting it, it would be very helpful to know what is wrong with the original so I can take any suggestions you may have into consideration when working on the second draft. Thank you so much and have a good day!
    Review Store
    Review Store
    Need a story reviewed? Want someone to tell you what they thing? Need constructive criticism? Here's the place for you! *O P E N*
    2 days ago
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    I'll definitely do it soon! I have a few to do first, but I'll tell you when I'll get to it.
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    Hello!! May you please review this?

    Hoist The Colours **Unedited Spellin...I only have a limited amount of time to tell you this dear readers. I am Morrow. I am sixteen. And I'm a pirate. (Awesome cover by Lady Tatertot! Go...

    I am rewriting it and would love to know what is wrong with the original. Any suggestions you may have will be taken into consideration. Thanks so much!!
    Just for me to help some people out (If wanted of course) It's very simple just put your book in the comments and I will get to reviewing and editing it as soon as possible.
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