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Hey guys idk you may judge me but I'm a 16 year old that is engaged to a blond hair blue eyed hottie ;) not niall but sure looks like him :) he is so sweet and he treats me like a princess :) I never have :( on my face when I'm with him please like my novels I will try my best to make a good one or few :) love to all directioners boys and girls :*

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    Why is it so short ?? But really good :)
    Chloe Was Abused Ever since she was 4, When Her Mum Left Her dad became a drunk and started coming home really late and would beat her and When She turned 12 He started to Rape Her. When She Is 18 She...
    4 years ago
    Sorry it's so short but I don't have a lot of time to write but I have so many more chapters
    Lacie Arnold
    3 years ago
    it's ok just really good I love it
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