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[previously 'KyzAxeflame']

Yes, hello, it is I, the very lazy procrastinator who [insert the rest of the description here].

I made this account 2 years ago and wrote a "love" """story""" (much emphasis on the quotation marks) about two gamers based on my crush on this gamer kid in my 7th grade class. Ahh, the cringe. I removed it now, couldn't bare the cringe.

My life is a cringe fest, yes.

Anyway, I don't remember anything about my Movellas account. What is the reason for you following me? What stories did I read? Are people still crazy about One Direction and write kidnap and rape stories involving them?


  • Julika Yahn
    5 years agoReply
    I really like your story! It's interesting :)
    Thanks again for reading mine
    Backstage Cinderella
    Backstage Cinderel...
    From the death of her parents to living with her gruesome foster family, life hasn't acted kindly to music-lover Bridget Lanely. With no hope of being able to get her voice to be heard, Bee feels an impending...
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