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I love to write >.<

  • Kyle Moorely
    I love how I've never given much thought to this phrase before but after reading this you've really made me think. Well done
    A stab in the dark
    A stab in the dark
    A child's encounter of the new step-dad...
  • Kyle Moorely
    I've been reading some of the entries to the 'love competition' and I have to say this one stands out for me. The short stories from some of the others are good but a little predictable, and what I like about this poem is that it's so fresh and like someone has commented before, a fantastic perspective. A really great piece, I wish you the best of luck.
    It Was Me
    It Was Me
    A poem from the view of love itself. Hope you like! :) P.S, this is my entry into the Valentine's Day competition. I know this is no cancer story, or vampire/shapeshifter/Justin Bieber story, but I just...
    6 years ago
    wow this is seriously so nice! that is a massive compliment to me and i'm glad you like my writing, thankyou so much :D
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