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I was born in Suffolk, England in 1997 and first started writing in 2008. During my English SATs we were told to write a creative piece, and I was given top marks.
Ever since I haven't really stopped writing.
I first started writing my novel, based in the fantasy world of Araz-NorSar, in 2009 and have spent the past five years perfecting the world. I completed the novel in 2012, but then started on a rewrite. When that one did not go so well, I started my second rewrite, which is currently in progress.
My main interests are video games (Assassin's Creed, Elder Scrolls, and more), reading (A Song of Ice and Fire, Lord of the Rings, Dexter, Raymond E. Feist and more), and film and TV (Arrow, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and more).
In my free time I usually write, sleep or practice my iaido and kenjutsu.
I urge you to read the work of "Lucifer's Kiss", who just so happens to be my magnificent girlfriend.
Finally, please be sure to visit my website: "
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  • Kyle J Durrant

    mumbled "Come Find Me"

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    Hey guys. So I'm not using Movellas any more. It's not really right for me. Nothing anyone's done wrong, in fact I've met some amazing people on here, people I never really managed to stay in contact with. So to those who want to keep in touch come find me. You know my name :)
    Book Maker
    5 months ago
    Well okey then, also Welcome back to Movellas!
    The Intelligence Division
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    Duuude we miss youuu :(
    I could be all just 'you know where to find me too' but that seems rude somehow...
    That said i actually have no idea where to find you.
    Where are you?
    Yeah don't worry I'll figure it out ;)
    The Intelligence Division
    Just added you on messenger. I don't use the rest of facebook as part of a semi political boycott. Hear from you soon?
  • Kyle J Durrant

    mumbled "Self-Promotion"

    Okay, sorry about this, but I want to just remind people about "Sanguine Town: Under the Moon".
    This became one of my most popular stories (going by 'Likes' at least) and also became my first published book.
    Yes, it's only a novella, but that shouldn't affect the quality of it.
    I don't want to overdo this, of course. I shouldn't be singing my own praises, really, but I do think this is one of my finest works.
    And it is available on Kindle and as a Paperback:
    Please consider buying a copy, or at least recommending it to someone you think would be interested.
    Thank you, everyone. You've supported me this far; help me go a little bit further.
    Kyle J Durrant
    2 years ago
    It's hard to say who she was based on. Obviously she's mostly based on Trina, but I think I incorporated aspects of all the girls in the group into her character. I just wrote her as she appeared in my mind.
    Lupa Nymphia
    2 years ago
    Fair enough I was fed up of moll and Ruth discussing it
    Kyle J Durrant
    2 years ago
    O_o Okaayy...
  • Kyle J Durrant

    mumbled "Paranormal Conspiracies"

    I have published the first of my SCPs in my new Movella (SCP Foundation: The 'K' Files), and should like to direct all people interested in paranormal stuff and secret societies to come on over and have a look (and, of course, head to the official website of SCP -
    I believe this will appeal to anyone who has seen 'Warehouse 13', though it will surely appeal to more people beyond that ^.^
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    mumbled "S.C.P"

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    Hello all.
    So I was perusing the internet (okay, okay, I was on YouTube) and I came across this thing called SCP (which means "Special Containment Procedures"). I can't explain it particularly well, so I'll just link to it:
    It looks pretty interesting, and some of the 'SCPs' are pretty creepy.
    The Intelligence Division
    Woo ;)
    I'm going to wait until I have a good concept before I apply to anything.
    I've read the 'Guide for Newbies' where it says 'don't roleplay in your username' or something like that...
    Anyway, I think I'm going to have some explaining to do - XD
    Kyle J Durrant
    2 years ago
    I was following the same logic, except I came up with an idea pretty quickly XD
    d0363d24-fa03-4270-b7c0-4f2b41af0eb9 < There's the code. There isn't really anything to read yet, but I thought I'd do it while I thought of it XD
    My username is "Ombraspada", so I'd probably have to explain myself a little bit as well XD
    Kyle J Durrant
    2 years ago
    Okay, so there are 6 'Guide' chapters up and there's one draft that you can look at if you'd like.
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