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Heyyy people of Movellas, this is my other account, my first is kylas_direction but I had complete writers block... etc etc etc.
my twitter, surprisingly is @kylas_direction, and you should follow me. In case you didn't know, Im a directioner, but im also a collector, tonighter, lil rocker, janoskianator, mayniac and all round human.
Also, my movellas buddy for life is kaitlyns_direction, but her new account is kaitlyns_direction2. I know, we're so original. Just too make it clear I had the name first. @Kaitlyn_york4 is her twitter. JUST ASK FOR A FOLLOW BACK. Also my instagram is kylas_direction.

Hopefully you wont forget.

Taken from the greast master himself, Mr Bart Simpson, 'Eat my shorts.'

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