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three words to describe me: loyal, respectful and patient
three things I like: reading, youtube vids and drawing
three favorite animals: wolf, eagle and dolphin
three favorite mythical creatures: dragons, griffins and serpants
three favorite colors: ocean blue, olive green and yellow
three favorite places: Grand Canyon, the ocean and the Rocky Mountains
three favorite songs: Hey Child, I See Fire and Overpowered
three favorite movies: Godzilla 2014, Moana and War Room
Who Am I?-I am me. no one else is like me because I am me.

  • Indigowolfsoul

    mumbled "and a little more from me"

    so here I am in Vermont. its very gorgeous out here. a little homesick and am alone in a 4 room condo for...who knows how long?
  • Indigowolfsoul

    mumbled "some more pictures"

    have not been updating my pictures lately, so these are some that I have just finished. also, i have an Artworks Part 1 on my youtube channel, Indigowolf Soul.
    This one is a serpant
    4 months ago
    wow that's amazing
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