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three words to describe me: loyal, respectful and patient
three things I like: reading, youtube vids and drawing
three favorite animals: wolf, eagle and dolphin
three favorite mythical creatures: dragons, griffins and serpants
three favorite colors: ocean blue, olive green and yellow
three favorite places: Grand Canyon, the ocean and the Rocky Mountains
three favorite songs: Hey Child, I See Fire and Overpowered
three favorite movies: Godzilla 2014, Moana and War Room
Who Am I?-I am me. no one else is like me because I am me.

  • Indigowolfsoul

    mumbled "artsy stuff"

    literally the only thing I think about, and the only thing i like, whether it is art in paper, digital or music. it helps take my mind off from the world, and sometimes restores my faith in humanity as well as myself. I am e very negative person, and I need serious help before I lose my faith completely. i dont even know if i should talk about what i am thinking about.
    anyways, im doing for artsy stuff, as the one posted before, and next up will be Nora. when im bored and have absolutely nothing to do, I draw.
    by the way, this image is my wolf
    omg that so pretty
  • Indigowolfsoul

    mumbled "FINAL MASTERPIECE!!!"

    It's finally finished, Luscas. This is what he looks like. If you have read the short story to the end, you would know where he is and what's happening. Again, I am still learning, but I am proud of this. Hope you like it!
  • Indigowolfsoul

    mumbled "ANOTHER ONNNEEEE"

    Alright. Now that Luscas is done in my Short Stories book, I am now starting another short story called Agent X. It is about a time traveling agent who stumbles across an 1880's family in New York and realizes what it was like to have a family and loved ones after what she had been through in the past.
    This character is similar to a fan made character i have in mind for an anime fanfiction (wanna take a guess after reading the first chapter?).
    1 months ago

    read my poems if you get time
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