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  • krystalmarie96
    Love this book ������������
    Met Online
    Met Online
    'Pling' Cassidy Mari Williams looked at her laptop that she had left opened on her desk. New Messages (1) was written across the screen, her hands started to shake as she clicked on the icon, while she...
  • krystalmarie96
    Write more! Write more! Write more! I need to hear the rest of the sgory�� it's amazing!!!!
    The Love Of My Life
    The Love Of My Lif...
    I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything...
  • krystalmarie96
    Write more! It's amazing! You're born to write!
    Under The Mistletoe - Christmas Imagine
    Under The Mistleto...
    You remember the first time you saw him. It was a Christmas gala-thing and he was standing in a corner with his friends, laughing. When his eyes caught yours, you quickly looked away and went to your...
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