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I am a Author so to speak. I write with passion and integrity. I don't use it for fame or to be wealthy but I share it with readers with my creativity and passion. I want to show them a world that I created and give them thrill of ride inside whole new world.

I daydream during the day hence the word daydream. Witches, vampires, wolves, elves, and many other magical beings attracts me and I love fantasy. I also like try to come up with something new ways of using magic and inside the world of magic.

Enough about the basic of why I want to write. Let see, I was born in Virginia in the old country of Dyke it's very small place with very few houses and people. I grew up with my older brother and two parents. When I was younger, my brother and I always go down into the woods near couple mountain to swim in the river and having fun. I always loved being in nature and in the woods.

I appreciate things in life, and those people who respect me. Because I don't like to take things for granted.

At age of three I was sick and had a high fever that brought me to the point where I became deaf. No fret people, it's not so bad about being deaf really. I don't have to put up with people who screams at me, or listening cars or big rig driving down the road by the house. Some will pity and some understands it but I don't want to think being deaf is terrible way to live with, you know? It teaches me lot about life and taught myself to stand up and show what I can do. Know this, deaf doesn't define me but my heart and myself does. Deaf is a way I can be and learn sign language to communicate with deaf and it's a blessing though.

When you see me for the first time, you will see the scars on my face and my hearing aids in my ears, and you will mostly feel awkward because it the first time you able to interact with deaf. Trust me, I get that bunch of times and I will try my best to understand you as long you have patient with me. I have many friends to interact and I have customers that respect me because I gave out a awesome Customer Service. Believe it or not, I was rejected by few retail stores when I put out on application. Only one store hired me on spot and I worked there since 2011. Those store who rejected me, it's their loss.

I am very kind, and loves to listen whatever you have to say. I have friends that always has bad days and they comes to me to talk. I don't judge anybody because what the point? I love dogs (I have one, a Boxer name Ringo. And no it's not because of the band leader) Cats, well, I like to pet them not own them.

In case you wondering I am not in relationship because I don't want to add another one to my life, I want to focus on myself and trying to reach my dreams.

I have an awesome niece and nephew Trentyn. They are fun and playful who adore me as uncle. I like to spoil them sometime. Can't blame me for that can you?

I went to public school first three years which lead me to event of being abused by certain people who has no patient with me. I went to another school, a Deaf school VSDB in 1994 and fell love with it. Been there for almost 12 years and graduate in 2006 with A's and B's. I have currently keep in touch with them sometime.

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