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  • Krazeemee

    the end

    quiting movellas, the end of a short but nice time of my life
  • Krazeemee


    working in my head on something new, wen thats done im reworking most of my movellas - thanks everyone who gave helpful critisism!
  • Krazeemee


    I give Seventh Sanctum (TM) credit in all my works!
  • Krazeemee

    I just realized something...

    I realized that i'm posting only my mediocre/not very good stories because i'm to embarrassed to put out my favorite works of mine...
    Question is how to get over that embarrassment?
    the good thing about movellas, is there is nothing to be embarrased about. Because none of us know each other in real life, it means we can give good constructive feedback. And if someone was to say they didn't like it, then you're not faced with the awkward moments at skl the next day! x
    lol, thanks, so maybe i might post some more of my original stories... i dunno yet
    I post a whole load of nonsence... Now, I have over 170 works so you probably think the same haha... When you really like something, then post it. It is positive others will like it just as much or more than you do.
    thanks :)
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