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Books are my favourite thing. I eat through books (I'm quite a fast reader!) and I have great imagination. Writing is my 3rd favourite passtime, making up crazy stories about 'Stick men' or 'Terry the Treasure Hunter'.
I also like to doodle in my spare time. I also like to add a lot of random twists in my stories.

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    mumbled "Dates of certain importance"

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    I can now reveal the estimated dates of finishing my books:
    Dogs-Tue 30th October
    Vendetta-Sat 3rd November
    Torn in Half- Due to be removed Fri 19th October
    One Big Book of....Randomness Tue 16th October
    I can also add to this that I am going to be writing a new book and the first chapter will be out by the 23rd of November.
    In the space between the 3rd and the 23rd I will be working on a short novel.
    Have fun reading!

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    Really well written :)
    Inadvertent Hacks
    Inadvertent Hacks
    Kevin was an innocent 14 year old boy who's mother died when he was only 6 due to an online scammer. Kevin gets interested in computers and programming and his dad, Scott buys him a laptop followed by...
  • Knoxx
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    Fantastic chapter! I like the cliff hanger at the end and I think you should keep writing this! Well done!
    The Horrors Of Love
    The Horrors Of Lov...
    Evie knows that her Mum left her Dad because she found out something about him that she didn't like. But she would never had imagined that the very same thing that had separated her from her mum would...
    5 years ago
    Thank you
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    Of course!
    Yeah. Man's best fried friend.....sorry friend. Dog's don't actually get that much time to chillax as yo dudes say it! Wazzup bro? Anyway, Hubert does. He lives in Hawaii , where he is livi'n it bro! But...
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