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    mumbled "QOTD: Should I have a new story "during" or "after" Allendale?"

    Sorry but now I won't be able to be on that much when I started an account. BUTT I can promise I will post new chapters of "Allendale" every weekend! I was also thinking about a new story that's really not science fiction like my current but more about realism of the main characters disease, and that is "schizophrenia."
    (Which is Individuals with schizophrenia may hear voices that are not there. Some may be convinced that others are reading their minds, controlling how they think, or plotting against them. This can distress patients severely and persistently, making them withdrawn and frantic.)
  • The Drunk Fangirl

    mumbled "Allendale"

    Hi! Hope u don't mind but I changed the cover and title of "Hope Dies Last". It just I changed my mind about where this story was heading and the old title didnt fit the story that much... Also Allendale is a better title for the story when I publish the next few chapters.
  • The Drunk Fangirl

    mumbled "Friday the 13th..."

    Wow the first chapter of my first story "Hope Dies Last" starts on the Friday the 13th...that conforting. (And an excuse for my bad first chapter)
    I know the chapter starts off quite cheezy but I know im gonna regret not skipping the boring beginning and try to rush it to the actual interesting part. So please least try reading more of it when i post the next chapter tomorrow! :3
    1 years ago
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    No not at all like period.
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    mumbled "*A Professional Noob has Joined*"

    Hewo! I'm new here! I joined cos @Little Kate wanted me to but I do plan on writing actual stories but mostly just read all of these other amazing stories! So yeah Im that kind of person thats another example of "false hope" XD
    1 years ago
    Hi, welcome! :D
    Haha, readers are just as awesome as writers ^.^
    If you've got any questions or you'd like any recommendations, just let me know. :)
    Sora Akio
    1 years ago
    Little kate
    1 years ago
    yay you are on! i will be waiting to read your stories
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