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****DON'T FORGET TO FAN**** but if you don't want to it's totally OK. :) I'm serious, it's totally optional.

Hi guys/gals :)
My name's knockjoyful (real name not given for privacy reasons) and I'm happy to be here! My passion is writing, especially dark fiction, realistic fiction, and fantasy fiction. I love books of all kind! Among the faves are: Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan, Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper, Wonder by RJ Palacio, and Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare! (OK. I get it. Romeo & Juliet is not a book. It's a play. But I enjoy reading the scripts of it).

KK...more? You want MORE? Whoa I'm surprised, most people are all like "Naw I'm good" when secretly they're like: YAWN so FRIGGIN' BORING!!!!
But anywaaaaay....
**I love animals, my favorite animals are birds, especially parrots-- I wish I had a parrot as a pet (and before you die-hard parrot lovers jump on me like savage coyotes, let me explain, I've done tons of research for YEARS on parrots, especially cockatiels, my favorite).
**My favorite color is purple. To me it just represents peace and beauty. And grapes. Don't forget grapes. Or something bad will happen.
**Ultimate Pet Peeve: People munching loudly. It's not to the point that I'll clamp my hand to their mouths and shriek at them a billion times to STFU and keep their gross chewing sounds to themselves, but I DO quietly seethe in anger. And you'll know when I'm seething in anger. Even when I'm quiet. So if you are a muncher, you can keep munching, unless I am around. Then you definitely do NOT want to munch.
**Penultimate pet peeve: Compliments fishing & humblebraggers. Compliments fishing is basically when people insult themselves to get sympathy & compliments from other people. This tactic is employed mainly by idiots with IQs of flowerpots. For example, on the internet, a compliment fisher would say, "I know this will get downvoted into oblivion". In cases like these, instead of providing an upvote/like I will ALWAYS downvote no matter how good the content is. I'm not gonna go over humblebraggers because I don't feel like it right now. Sorry :(
**Lifelong dream: To become a doctor and a famous author.
**Parts of this dream that are totally far-fetched and have a 1/100,000,000 chance of happening: Becoming a famous author (I mean guys seriously. This is NOT aforementioned compliments fishing. I really do not believe this will ever happen. Over 31% of teens believe they will become famous someday, and only 1-3% of ALL teenagers ever do. I'm not counting on it. If I do, great! If I don't I will be a perfectly happy, law-abiding citizen.
**Obsession: Chuck Norris. Not like I want to marry him or anything, he's 73 for gods' sake, EW. I just like the awesome facts and memes that spawn about him. They're, for the most part, really funny.
**Something weird that I have a knack for: Memorizing weird facts. Did you know a pregnant goldfish is called a twit? Did you know porcupines float on water? Did you know a hippo's mouth is big enough to fit a 4ft child inside? Did you know an average blue whale's tongue is the length of an average African elephant? See, there you go. And if you think that's weird, I can probably recite over 100+ more on the spot. No humblebragging intended.

And, um...there ya go. Is that what they say? I have no idea. I'm not very finely attuned to pop culture and popular sayings and stuff like that. But yeah, that's it. Hope you like me :) But not in THAT way, you perv.

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