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If you started a fire then finish it with water.

Welcome to Knight of Skies page! Kuya Skyler in short.

16 years old and definitely an author and reader. I like stories with the touch of science. Science Fiction is my thing (yes Hard Science Fiction, not those Science Fiction wanna-be's) and I am the not-so typical nerd guy (not too obvious eh?)

• Home [Ongoing Novel] (Science Fiction)

Hey! I really recommend these Science Fiction Films! *nerd mode on*:
• Interstellar (2014) (definitely a must watch film)
• The Martian (2015) + Book!
• Transcendence (2014) (human brain eek)
• Tomorrowland (2015) (disney asdfghjkl)
• Gravity (2013) (swim in space eek)
• Lucy (2014) (take dopamine asdfghjkl)

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    [Science Fiction] Home

    I have a story entitled "Home" and it is now published here in Movellas! It is entirely a Science Fiction x Teen Fiction genre and it was a big fiction in my mind to this story. So if there somebody here who is interested in reading my story, go ahead to my page and read! :)
  • Knight of Skies

    mumbled "Science Fiction I'm building! "

    So anybody here interested in Science Fiction? Well, I'm building one for all of the movellians out there who is definitely interested in Science! (obviously) And I am so pleased at this community because of their politeness!

    Enjoy the first two chapters of Home!
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