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    I've just come across this post, and seen the petition... Now, I completely agree with others who have posted here, in saying that people who are fans of One Direction should have their own category. Everyone on this site is here for the same purpose - to write. We know that One Direction is 'a big deal' to some people and we need to accept it for what it is, and yes, be able to co-exist and write alongside each without conflicts. People shouldn't discriminate against others because of what they write about, but celebrate and let the author take pride in their work.

    Personally, I am not a fan of One Direction, and to be completely honest, I don't want to have to sieve through One Direction fanfiction to eventually find a story that is relevant to the category it's in. One thing I've found is that, for those who haven't written about One Direction, their work is lost amongst the the fanfiction, and is a result of the One Direction fanfiction not having a correct category. Plus, this allows fans to read and discuss their stories with each other without upsetting other writers, or feeling like they are being discriminated against.

    One other thing, I have noticed is the sheer velocity of One Direction fan groups. Isn't one enough? Fan groups for the likes of The Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter have only one or two, so why does One Direction have so many? To be brutally honest, I think there needs to be a major cut down, and only having one or two groups just like the other popular franchise groups on here. I don't want to upset anyone when I say this, but I don't think it's necessary to have so many groups about one topic.

    Like everyone else, I appreiciate that Jordon has taken the time, and has written a post to everyone on the site. It's comforting to know that this 'issue' has been noticed and the team are trying find a solution that will please everyone, so until then, lets just take a deep breath, smile and lets focus on our own writing, not on seeing who can make the boldest statement against One Direction fans. I mean, a petition? Why not petition against an issue that is impacting upon the likes of the the environment, child welfare or equality throughout the world? I'm sorry if I've upset anyone, but like others have said already, some things have needed to be said. It isn't my intention to upset anyone, but like everyone here, I just want to write and enjoy the atomsphere here with other keen writers, like myself.
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