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    a cold breeze whistled rigorously down my ghost like pale skin as my eyes slowly but pane fully opened trickle ! trickle ! trickle ! the blood added to the complete suspense of where i was how i got here and what was going to happen to me. Minutes seemed like hours as steel chains clasped the palms of my stricken hands black figures ricochet around the plain hollow cold walls my mind was panic stricken as the smallest of lights appeared in a tiny hole like shape.
    The creak of the wooden floorboards gradually getting louder bye the second no escape route this one un human like shadow coming towards me then i saw it this hairy preposterous thing standing there as if it wasn't even real more ghostly like. One step was like a mile stride the damp wet cold hand clenched my hand as it shacked "its all right its only me " he said silently but calmly who was it? why would he want to help a useless 12 year old girl chained up it wouldn't be him surely not he was long gong or could he have been? The chains where of within seconds my legs trembled as i tried to stand up as if i had just had an operation i staggered towards the door it seemed to get further away,The dark abandoned corridors whistled as the bare walls stabbed eyes into my back floor boards creaking doors slamming whoever wanted clearly was quit strange to bring me here.

    I scrambled to the door running at the speed of lightning the moon suddenly shone down onto my plain clothes as this strange mysterious man kept staring at me examining my facial features as if looking for something specific but i couldn't pick up the courage or nerve to do or say anything about the matter or situation.

    orange lights sparkled in the distance as the children's voices screamed enjoying the time although i couldn't understand why . Then it hit me HALLOWEEN how could i forget the thing i had been waiting for a night of fun with my mum or friends now i am here with this strange man walking round the streets of a small what seemed like a village. "why have you saved me and anyway who are you"
    Lola carried on taking small steps silently every few seconds checking if this man was still there all though she only had known him for a couple of minutes he gave her a sense of insecuirty.

    we arrived on this long posh backstreet lampposts shining onto these bright double glazed
    windows the brass handle shining brightly.
    "if you want and you want a place to stay temporarily your welcome to stay the night or two"

    Mr smith had a small chat to Lola about what job he had why he saved her a bit about his life and personality but he seemed to have a bit of a to unusually perfect life style but Lola went along with it he must be pretty decent to let me sleep tonight that was her only thought.
    it was half past 12 when i was settled down and Mr smith had gave me a midnight snack a warm duvet and a hot chocolate.
    As the minutes passed by thoughts began to become deeper was is tuck with this man?
    Eventually, i dozed of half asleep but nightmares where creeping up slowly BANG! BANG! BANG!
    was he gone when the door bell rings at 6 in the morning its never good news. i knew wit he was gone my petentioal father then i woke. ........
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    Hi! Thanks for entering the competition! I wanted to let you know that this entry hasn't counted. To enter, you have to upload a new movella (movellas.com/book/edit/movella) and then click the green button in the corner of this page that says Join This Competition. Good luck!
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