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Hola~! my name is KiwiForrest! I love Hetalia and I enjoy writing! Usually, I like to write mystery, drama, or romance! Here are the stories im currently working on!

-Twins to Triplets

-Hetalia University

-To be A State

-In the Eyes of My Own

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    I really like this! You should make more Hetalia Inserts! (coughcoughRUSSIAcoughcough)
    NorwayxReader B103
    NorwayxReader B103
    This is a Hetalia fanfiction featuring Norway and you as the reader.
    5 years ago
    Glad you liked it ^^
    I don't write other than the Nordics really.. But I actually have made a story with Russia XD
    It was with an OC of mine, but I could easily make it into a reader-insert.
    The theme is pretty dark though XD
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