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Fanfic writer. Feel free to send requests for stories. I also do Original works and I rp. So message if you're interested!!! :3

I adore writing. I have been very lazy in my writing so if someone wants to challenge me to something, I would be utterly grateful.

I am 16, I love music, and particularly Panic! At the Disco, Green Day, BMTH, SWS and LP. I also like many pop artists, but I won't list XD. I adore American Horror story, but am only just on season 3, I love supernatural, but am on season 9 and I have just started The Walking Dead, which I also find utterly amazing. I am on season two of GoT and plan to catch up as soon as I can. Hopefully.

I love drawing. Though I am not brilliant, but if anyone wants to task me with a draw request I would love to try and do some ^^

Thanks if you read this ^u^

  • The_Kings_Kitten
    Guys Feel free to leave advice, or maybe suggest bits to put in the story? :)
    Sweet Tooth
    Sweet Tooth
    We all know Gabriel has a sweet tooth right? Well Kara is just the sweetest bit of candy he has ever tasted and now he's hooked.
  • The_Kings_Kitten
    Something I love to do is make a Character development sheet, and decide how I want my character to, at least, start out. If I then want them to change over the course of the story I write a further development. Really helps me keep track of my character, and stops me accidentally making the character act wrong, eg, if in Chapter 1 they were bubbly, friendly and nice, then in chapter 4 they were depressed, with no explanation, and no previous mention, that can be very confusing for a reader, I know. So if I write the traits of my character down I can't mess up! ^^
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