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Hey everyone!
Im a typical teen really - I love music, my computer, my pets and have all these silly little quotes that fill my gallery on my phone :)
I love One Direction and vow that one day I WILL be Mrs Kimberley Laura Horan <3
Im also a total Twihard and have all the films and books and posters and albums for the films amnd several pieces of twilight jewelry and I have a massive cardboard cut-out for BD part 2...
Anyway, Im English, so therefore I love tea. I hate scones though, scones are gross... Eww!
I dont have loads of friends, but I have a few REALLY close ones who I love to bits. You know who you are... LOVE YOU ALL LOADS!!!
I also love reading and writing, hense why Im on here... Obviously :)
Anyway... LOVE YOU ALL!!! <3 <3 <3

  • KimmyRad
    5 years agoReply
    Please update!!! <3 xxxx
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