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    mumbled "Ideassss!!! Pleassssssse!!!!"

    I am currently thinking about writing a new fanfic which is decent in length and isn't a 1 chapter story like the rest of my movellas! Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
  • KillsHarry!!

    mumbled "VoLdEmOrT vOlDeMoRt VoLdE vOlDe VoLdE vOlDeMoRt"

    Has anyone seen harry Potter.
    No. I didn't think so
    He disappears whenever I get him.
    Just like my rubber ducky.
    Have you seen him.
    He is 15 cm tall, 20 cm wide, bright blue eyes, orange beak oh yeah, He is also YELLOW

    Wonderful world of Elle
    Hey weirdo. Not seen you on here for a while :)
    4 years ago
    Gee wiz, thx, ttyl, cya
    VoLdIe OuT!!!!
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