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Hey you! Yeah, you! I see you on my profile here! Im glad youre reading this because, well maybe it means youd like to know me better! That's great, but im not going to spill my heart out onto a description box. If you really want to get to know me, comment on mumbles, or just read away! I love you all thanks so much for your support and for reading my stories!!!

  • Killing Silence

    mumbled "I'm so sorry!"

    Oh my, well hello everyone! As some of you may know by now, I don't have a computer to use, so I can almost never come online. I find it impeccably difficult to use the Movellas app to stay in touch with all of you guys. Today im borrowing my Grandmothers computer for a short bit of time, allowing me to type this message to you all. I know youre probably waiting for me to update my movellas, trust me, its hard to do. I start school the first week of September and almost my entire summer has been jam packed full of events.
  • Killing Silence
    I've waited my whole life for this to update. Pleaseeeee
    Godly Magic
    Godly Magic
    Percy Jackson thought his adventures were finished. After winning the Second Titan War over the summer, he was preparing himself for a lot of bordeom. However, when he, Annabeth and Grover get the call...
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