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    mumbled "Never Give In or Give Up"

    Don't you just hate the people who think they are 'cooler' than you? That they can just use you and not care? Personally, I loath those people. Why should people have statuses? Why can't everyone get along wiht everyone and there be no different 'groups'? Now, I don't know who I can and can't trust. Some people reading this are probably thinking, 'Ugh, I bet that this is just some random bith that thinks that her life suck. She is so dramatic!' If you are, then don't. I have first hand experience of being used and lied to, by someone who i would have last expected. Trusting comes hard to people, including me, and... to the people who know me, they are probably wondering why I am writing this, I am always composed infront of then, but on the inside, I'm different. And no one gets that. Ok, so the main point of this is just to remind everyone that bad things happen, but you can't let that stop you. Keep going and never give in or give up
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