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  • Kiera_Horan_1D
    Full name - Twila Moon
    Age- 16
    Very beautiful, long dark brown hair with blue eyes, tall, thin, scar on left cheek from abuse from her father.
    Personality- Depressed and very emotionally damaged by her mothers death. Accuses her father of her death and so wants to revenge on him. wants to take her anger out on other people so volenteers.
    Weapon- large trident and uses bare hands to snap necks.
    Favourite colour- Lilac
    Other- Wears a lilac woven bracelet in memory of her mum. SHE IS LETHAL AT KILLING!!
    District wanted- 8
    The Hunger Games: Virtual Version
    The Hunger Games:...
    Have you ever wanted to be part of the Hunger Games? Well of course not! You would die! But not in the virtual kind. Welcome to the Hunger Games: Virtual Version! To 'sign up' as a tribute, designer,...
  • Kiera_Horan_1D
    The 55th Hunger Games
    The 55th Hunger...
    Whisp Rivendell, a spunky girl from district 2 was first noticed as a child working in the factories. She one day got fed up with the peace keepers watching her and killed one that was about to whip her....
  • Kiera_Horan_1D
    Question 4: The career tributes: district 2
    The Hunger Games Quiz
    The Hunger Games...
    Okay, so, you can support a District and earn points by putting the correct answer in comments. Good Luck!
  • Kiera_Horan_1D
    District 2 Tribute- Kiera Harding, long dark wavy hair, green eyes, aged 16 quite takll
    The 13TH Hunger Games
    The 13TH Hunger...
    Ever wanted to be in the Hunger Games? Now you can. I need 24 tributes. But its only for girls so each district will have 2 girls!!!
    4 years ago
    Okay what weapon???
    4 years ago
    Dont really mind, a scthye or dager, or maybe a bow and arriw. You choise. Quite giry though. Xxx
    4 years ago
    *dagger, *arrow, *choose, *gory ;) sorry
  • Kiera_Horan_1D
    Kiera, long brown/black wavy hair, green eyes, Niall please !! Xxx
    Imagines *Requests close*
    Imagines *Requests...
    Hi! This movella is about 1D imagines. If you want a personal imagine, tell me your name, your look and which boy you want. If you have any ideas or scenarios I'll be glad to use them. Please comment and...
    4 years ago
    Do you have a scenario or do you want me to surprise you?
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