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Modern Teen who actually isnt 98 years old...Sorry guys.
I love reading and writing, but my pasion is directing theater and the arts!

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Sorry guys, don't have a facebook:/ But if you send me an email, we can skype if you'd like:)

I live by the chicken wing dip theory, (created by yours truly!) That if your going to spend money, waste time, or give something, give just a little bit more to have a better time. "Chicken wing dip? What?" you say? I call it that because if your going to eat some thing bad for you (ei, chicken wing dip) don't go for the low fat and have it taste okay, go for the oringinal best tasting cheese to make it worth while:)

Love to all of you!!!!

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    I wonder what happened to bring this on, like why is this safety thing so important all of a sudden? I understand that online safety is crucial, but why make a big deal of it now? Did something happen?
    What The Fuck Mate
    It might of.... maybe someone flagged loads of Movellas as inappropriate...
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    AHHHH thanks
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    First Topic!

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    We need more people in the Group! There will probably be like 2 people in this group by the time I get around to check it. My goal for the group is to get at least 30 members by summertime!! Which means everybody who joins, will you please, please, please spread the word about the group and get at least 2 others to join! It would help IMMENSELY!! And please post stories for others to read? This group was created for people to SPREAD THE WORD about their movellas. THANK YOU ALL!------------------ABBY
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    Why hello:)
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    Hello cuz I'm new !!
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    Hi Cao Cao, I have read your story and it's off to a great start! I very much enjoy the ending to your chapter "The Bet". It really fufills the title to both the chapter and the story as a whole. The one thing i had a problem with was what time period is this from? I'm assuming early 1900's, because of the growth of creating aircrafts because of the wars. If i'm correct with this assumption, you could work on the dialog, by having it more relavant to the era. For example, I very much enjoy when you wrote "On the contrary.." I could picture this in an old film featuring around 1910. (My thing is old films, mainly from the 50's and 60's that feature time period from the 1880's to the 1920's)

    Overall, I very much enjoy this story. The advice is soley my opinion and could be the direction you are completely avoiding. But thanks for inviting me to read!!

    Around the World in 365 days
    Around the World...
    Inventors Roger Herald and Edward Pennington have invented an exciting piece of machinery, which can enable to them do anything, make it fly, travel in the skies,But on the other hand, they face constant...
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    Needing opinions and critics

    Hi, I need all of your help guys. I have a hard time trying to figure out how to improve my story since I can't get any feedback. I have gotten a few comments but only one not asking me to read their story about Niall Horan.....(deleted those, it's just annoying sometimes!!) So please let me know if you need feedback aswell and we can exchange stories!!!

    Nina :)
    2 years ago
    Sure! Which story?
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