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    Make it more interesting; update me! Argh can't wait for the next bit!! ��
    Time To Leave - book #2 of The Kidnapped By Bieber Series
    Time To Leave -...
    "Justin? What's going to happen now?" Page asked. "I'm not sure, first of all we need to find a place thats safe. It's not safe for just the two of us in the middle of the city. I've murdered too many...
  • TheGirlWhoWaited🙋
    Are you gonna update or should I delete?
    Best friends, Emma and Cheyenne didn't have a good high school year. They've actually been bullied by One Direction, their "used to be" friends until one tragic day that happened between Louis and Emma...
    Just saw this reply, sorry haha. I hope you can update soon! ��
  • TheGirlWhoWaited🙋
    Love it but annoying how long you take to update.
    Kidnapped by Bieber
    Kidnapped by Biebe...
    I'm a 17 year old girl, just your every day normal girl. My name is Page, I have long brown hair and green eyes. As I walk down the street could hear someone walking behind me, to close. I turned around...
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    Thanks its not like I have a life outside my computer or anything I don't have homework, sports, fam time, and church, I just sit around and stare at my computer all day. Sorry, you caught me while I already annoyed!
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    Hah! Kez! She's right, I think you should write a Movella.
    Lol. I never see the replies, just annoying cos I get into it then its never been updated so I'm just about ready to give up... The chapters are short and getting dragged along and seem like they're being rushed.. ��
  • TheGirlWhoWaited🙋
    Why aren't you updating my popular bestfriend!? I'm dying here! ����
    My Popular Bestfriend
    My Popular Bestfri...
    ‘Do you mind if I seat here?’ Justin was talking to me and he wants to sit at my “Kamara Lace #1 loser” in school’s table, not caring that the whole student body was watching us. This is how he tried...
  • TheGirlWhoWaited🙋
    There's a lot of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes but really good �� you should update �� x
    New start.
    New start.
    What happens when Ruby mother gets a job transfer and has to move to California. Will people accept Ruby for who she is with all her tattoos but underneath them all she a nice girl who just wants friends....
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