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"If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time or the tools to write."

Hey! It's great to see you here — on my profile, that is. Pour yourself a cup of tea, grab a mini croissant, and find a seat in front of the fireplace. I'll tell you a little about myself. If I knew how to italicize words in this description box, I would slant the crap out of "a little."

I was born and raised in Alaska. It's a wonderful state. And as you could deduce from the existence of my Movellas account, I love both writing and reading. I think reading is the best tool for any writer.

With that said, I have "vowed" to read 24+ books this year. If you're interested in my progress, I've provided it below:

2017 Reading Challenge
❑ A book you read in school (for a class).
❑ A book from your childhood.
❑ A book published over 100 years ago.
❑ A book published last year.
☑ A nonfiction book: The Language Instinct (1994) by Stephen Pinker
❑ A book by a male author.
☑ A book by a female author: Soy Sauce for Beginners (2014) by Kristin Chen
❑ A book by someone who isn't a writer.
❑ A book that became a film.
❑ A book published in the 20th Century.
❑ A book set in your hometown or region.
❑ A book with someone's name in the title.
❑ A book with a number in the title.
❑ A book with a character who shares your first name.
❑ A book that was recommended to you.
❑ A book with over 500 pages.
☑ A book you can finish in a day. The Selection Series, Books 1–3 (2012 - 2014) by Kiera Cass
❑ A "banned" book.
❑ A book with a one-word title.
❑ A book translated from another language.
❑ A book that will improve a specific area of your life.
❑ A memoir or a journal.
❑ A book written by someone younger than you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Favorite Writers
Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy, Margaret Atwood, Sherman Alexie, David Sedaris

Favorite Shows
Black Mirror, The Walking Dead, Broad City, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Shitty Reality Television

No Need for a Title [Writing Notes]

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