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Hey I'm Kenzi and and a few of the things I love are; writing, Cher Lloyd, One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Bones(TV Program). If you ever want to talk or need advice tell me what you need and I'll try to help. ~Kenzi

  • Kenzi Samules
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    Amazing!! <3
    British Blogger
    British Blogger
    Isabel Knight is 18, and has been best friends with Harry Styles since they were 13. Isabel's blog knows a lot more than he does. Like that She love him and the truth. The truth behind a lot of things,...
  • Kenzi Samules
    Keep on writing it's amazing so far!
    Don't You Touch My Boyfriend
    Don't You Touch...
    For identical twins, Harry and Edward were complete opposites. Edward always had more friends than Harry because he was the oldest by two minutes, although Harry never really seemed to mind. But when a...
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