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I am a teenage girl whose social life consists of reading aka socializing with fictional characters, softball, and... more softball.

  • Kenzawenza

    mumbled "Romeo and Juliet and Leonardo DiCaprio, Oh My!"

    1 years agoReply

    Reading Romeo and Juliet in English class.......
    It's actually not so bad. My class is general is just boring.
    But the films are hilarious!
    Also Leonardo DiCaprio has a nice hair cut.
    Luke's Adorable Penguin
    We called that version "Gangster Romeo and Juliet" in my class!
    Music Saved Me
    1 years ago
    Haha, we did Romeo and Juliet last year. I loved the movie (even if I didn't understand half of the things they were saying). Most of us were just fawning over how good-looking Leonardo DiCaprio was though.
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