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  • Kelsi Elaine Gros
    Please update soon! I'm I love with this plot. It is beautiful. :)
    Let's Make A Move (1D)
    Let's Make A Move...
    THIS IS A SEQUEL TO MY MOVELLA JUST A NUMBER. Savannah is off to London. Things with her and Harry carry on, but being in a new country with a new responsiblity takes Savannah to a dark place. Can she...
  • Kelsi Elaine Gros
    Please update soon! I wanna know what Zayn says to her.
    Love At First Sight
    Love At First Sigh...
    It Was Lindaa's And James 4 Year Anniversary And She Expected A Proposal But Instead She Got A Break-Up.He Left Her Alone At The Restaurant So She Had To Walk Home.Along The Way She Met A Very Nice Young...
  • Kelsi Elaine Gros
    I love this story! I just found it and I'm in love! Please don't delete it, please?!?!?!
    London Love
    London Love
    London Love is about a girl named Hilary. Hilary is flying to London for a concert.. and Blah blah blah.. Read to find out!
    5 years ago
    Thank You so much :) I really appreciate the comment. this was all I was looking for in a comment. I won't delete the story now :) I was really hoping to continue and now I get too!! Your awesome :)
  • Kelsi Elaine Gros
    Please update. This movella makes me smile. :)
    An Impossible Love Vol. 2
    An Impossible Love...
    ''This is the start of something beautiful, this is the start of something new, you are the one who'd make me lose it all, you are the start of something new, and I'll throw it all away and watch you...
  • Kelsi Elaine Gros
    Please upload soon. I love this movella
    Singing with the Enemy (HIATUS)
    Singing with the...
    Ella Frey is the name on everyone's lips; the glamorous lead singer of up and coming girlband, Noel, with talent and riches to boot. Similarly, a new British boyband, One Direction, are invading America...
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