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Hi! I am a huge Potterhead and bookworm. I love to be creative and put my funloving attitude into words. Enjoy my books.. ❤️Iove Kelsey

  • Kelsey Potter

    Cabin Fanfiction

    Hey I know I am not leader, but are we ready for cabin wars?
    Kelsey Potter
    3 years ago
    First we need a fandom, (two if we do crossovers) and then we decide on a story line. Then we get an account and finally add our 'Cabin Wars' movella. Who's with me?
    Kelsey Potter
    3 years ago
    Cabin wars finish on the 17th! Guys we need a fandom! I suggest HP!
  • Kelsey Potter
    Uhhh um how do I find the group???
    Movellian Summer Camp
    Movellian Summer...
    Alright writers! Listen up! This is camp Movellas! Other spots are open! Ask Bibliophile14 if you have any questions.
    just go to the group button and search for 'Movellian Summer Camp'
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