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My name is Kelly and I'm from Canada. Writing has always been something I've done in my spare time. Writing in journals and note books, I've transferred my stories from paper to computer. Hope you all enjoy :)

”Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” - Albert Einstein

For anyone that wants me to read your movellas... add yourself to the group "New Movellians" (even if you're not a new movellian ignore the name of the group) ;) Add any movellas you desire and I'll check them out! <3
I love talking to you guys so if you want, feel free to comment, email, tweet or kik me :) I promise I'll reply asap.


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  • Kelly G

    School's done :)

    Hey guys. Long time no see. Like i've said this every single time I've logged into Movellas, but I promise, i'm here to write more. I finished my last exam yesterday, and let me tell you it was gruesome, but thankfully, that's done, so I'd love to get back to writing and hopefully improving some of my existing stories.

    I'd like to start the Movellas King and Queen back up, if anyone's interested. @[M.A Raven], thoughts?

    Like I said, I think it's a great idea! Since the movella, however, is kind of old and confusing, I did start a new one in your honor. If you and whoever else were coauthoring that want to be coauthors with myself we can get it completely restarted and ask people who had been competitors before and all that. Thoughts?
    Kelly G
    Yeah @[Kierstinnn], that's awesome. I've been gone for like a year, and I had started the competition right before I left, so it was just terrible timing, haha.
    Okay, since you're a fan of me, I'll add you as a coauthor right away!
    Sarah Nasar
    Wait so are you going to be updating soon ?
  • Kelly G

    What's up in the world of Movellas?

    So, I've recently been gone. Honestly, I haven't been regularly posting for about 9 months now. Any updates on life y'all? Sorry for not posting, I really am. I know I say that every time I come back, but I mean it. My first story was on September, 2012. It's been a year and a half. That's crazy! I still remember I would write a chapter every night before going to bed because I thought it was a requirement. Oh gosh I was crazy as a kid. Thanks for still fanning me, haha. I know a lot of you have been asking me to update in the comments and on kik, and I really will try to keep updating, but I have to first re-edit all my work because I'm not that happy with it.
    Thanks for understanding.
    Love and miss you all :)
    Sorry for dropping out on the whole Movellas King and Queen thing. I'm honestly not too sure how that's going...
    Hopeless Wanderer
    'regularly posting for about 9 months now' NO YOURE LYING YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES YOU WERE COMPLETELY INACTIVE FOR ABOUT NINE MONTHS NOW but I still love you. I have lots of things to update you with, except it'd take a long time and most of it probably wouldn't be posted on a public website :P Do you have a texting app of a sort?
    Kelly G
    Nina, that's too bad. I liked those conversations, haha. Yeah, I've gotten lazy with writing and I really hope I get a chance to get back on my feet with writing. :)

    Scottie, psssh, I logged on once in a while to check it out. Okay I came on every like 3 months lool. But you're right, haha. Tell me everything!! What kind of texting app?
    Hopeless Wanderer
    Oh, okay. 3 months! Extremely often. What an achievement! I don't know really, like the iOS texting apps on the app store.
    Kelly G
    Yes, extremely often haha. Alright, what app do you have?
  • Kelly G

    Romeo and Juliet. HELP.

    Hey y'all.
    Can I request the help of you guys... My class is doing Romeo and Juliet and we're supposed to adapt it in a modern way...
    Can any of you guys think of a way to adapt the classic love story?
    What I mean is that for example, Romeo and Juliet's parents are big competitors. Romeo's family owns Coca Cola, meanwhile Juliet's family owns Pepsi.
    But I know a ton of people are going to be using this idea. Can anyone think of another idea?

    As well I have to make a trailer for it... so not too difficult, please? Haha.

    Update on movellas: Yes, Love Equals Eternity has been taken down and put into drafts and yes I am editing them. I'm also working on a bunch of other stories that I'm going to post on Movellas when I'm ready.

    Happy Thanks Giving weekend (Canada)
    Niall The Nerd
    Maybe Microsoft and Apple or Dairy Milk and Galaxy or Facebook and Twitter :0) hope i helped :0)
    Kelly G
    Thank you! I'm gonna think about it tonight and start the project tomorrow :)
    Red squirrels vs grey squirrels? Pirates vs ninjas? Directioners vs Beliebers? Plants vs zombies? Zombies vs vampires? Vampires vs werewolves? Werewolves vs weresquirrels?
    Kelly G
    Omg 2 teams... That's quite a great idea! The thing is I don't know a single thing about sports... Maybe it could be like the manager's daughter and the other manager's son... Are there managers? I don't even know.
    Whitman: Thank you. I love the werewolves and weresquirrels idea, haha. So creative! I have something to start on now... So thanks y'all :)
  • Kelly G

    As of now.... + Anything you want me to read?

    I'm coming back to Movellas, now that it's mid-summer. I'm unpublishing a majority of my stories and then editing them and then I'll repost them to Movellas. I'm not to happy about the writing since I have so many errors. It was almost a year ago when I started writing. My style has changed so I want to adapt it into the stories.
    Please don't unfan because I'll have new material coming out very soon!
    Leave me a comment here if you have anything you want me to read :)
    Hey um. I'm a huge fan but where is love equal eternity... No one can see it why ??
    Hopeless Wanderer
    hey kelly! we all miss you SOOOO much. and congrats on being an ambassador :)
    Hey Kelly!! I love your series!! It's awesome! But I can't find Love Equals Eternity :( and many can't... Can you please tell us where it is :) thanks!!
    Kelly G
    For those looking for love equals eternity... I took down the chapters... I'm pretty sure. They're all in my drafts and it's because I'm not too happy with my writing from back then so I'm reediting things and it'll be back up soon.
    Wanderer: I miss you so much and Movellas in general. I'm under so much stress with tests and projects. High school is crazy. Thank you and you too on becoming ambassador :)
  • Kelly G


    Hey... I'm sorry! I haven't updated at all! I've been absent since like April! I'm coming back (I think) and I'm not sure which stories I still want to continue. My writing is really poor in a lot of them. So... maybe I'm gonna start all new ones.
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