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  • Kelly_5SOS
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    Updateeee :D i need to read more
    I Talk A Lot Of S*** When I'm Drinking Baby (The Vamps Fanfic)
    I Talk A Lot Of...
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) is a normal 17 year old girl. Well... as normal as a 17 year old girl could be in an abusive relationship. When The Vamps come to town for a signing things get serious and Lizzie and...
  • Kelly_5SOS
    4 years agoReply
    Upload soon!! This is intriguing and i like it so far!:)
    Concert Love -The Vamps Fanfiction-
    Concert Love -The...
    Bradley Simpson, lead singer in the 4 piece British band The Vamps. The 17 year-old curly haired boy was living his dream, hanging with his best friends and singing. But who knew that dreams could change,...
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