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    mumbled "collage graduate."

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    Morgan is just starting collage and is trying to find her way around campus. She got stuck sharing a dorm with a weird teenage girl, her name was Abby. Abby had no friends. But that all changes when Morgan and Abby meet. Find out what happens next...
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    wow great book
    Letters to You
    Letters to You
    When 16 year old Miranda finds out she if pregnant, her world turns upside down. However, she quickly makes a decision to tell no one about her pregnancy, and instead copes by writing letters to her unborn...
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    good job you have to make another chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\
    The One that got Away<3
    The One that got...
    My movella is going to be about a girl named Kelsi who has a sister named Violet who loves one direction but Kelsi doesnt really care for them and thinks they are all just stuck up in their own ways. Violet...
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