Please comment on my writing. I really want to improve!

Movellas (3)

  • Wisdomatch


    5 Feb 13

    Astrid and Vic, two best friends by day and desperate teenage thieves by night, have just finished the biggest heist in their...    Read more

  • Ring


    18 Jun 12

    My entry to this contest: http://www.movellas.com/en/blog/show/201205211226130155/in-love-with-a-celebrity    Read more

  • Invisible


    9 May 12

    Sharina has always been used to attention - or, rather, the lack of it - and lives an ordinary, monotonous life... until...    Read more

  • kazhy419


    I deleted Long Live and created Wisdomatch, which is basically the same thing but with lots of plot changes and editing done.
  • kazhy419


    Changed the POV for Long Live from third person to first person. My attempt failed but I believe it's for the better; I just realized writing in first person adds mystery to the story. And mystery is one of the things I'm aiming for.
  • kazhy419


    Just posted the first chapter of Long Live (working title). I think it's too short for a first chapter but whatever. I cut it at just the right moment... I think XD
  • kazhy419


    Didn't finish outlining my novel, but I already know how I want it to end. I just felt the need to actually start writing it so that's what I did. I finished chapter one last night. It needs a lot of polishing and revising, but I'll get to that once I've written the first four thousand words.
  • kazhy419


    Thought I'd blog about writing in here. Seems interesting.

    I've been working on the outline of a novel WIP for about a week now, and I need to write its first 4000 words before May 31. I'm planning to join a contest, you see. The deadline's nearing with every breath I take but somehow, I just can't write, like, for hours at a time. I need to pause the flow of thoughts. I need to pick up the book I'm reading. I need to tweet and tumblr - distractions, I know. Being a pessimist, I just don't think I'll be able to finish those 4000 words.

    But I'll have to try, of course.
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