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I am 10,have brunette curly hair,5th grade,iPhone,laptop.

  • Kaytlinxoxo
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    I love this story please update I read the whole thing in a week! :)
    When It Rain's
    When It Rain's
    "James stop please im begging you please " i cried as he slaped me again "what did i tell you bitch don't call me james i am your dad, well was your dad i can't wait till they come get you !" he screamed...
    5 years ago
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    A week really it took you that long it took me 1 day
    5 years ago
    Guys im glad you like the stroy but im going to start updating it on my wattpad its
  • Kaytlinxoxo
    5 years agoReply
    Update please :) :) :) I love your story's read the sequel and the main story in 3 hours total I love it,your a awesome writer
    Behind These Demon Eyes (Sequal To 1DAV)
    Behind These Demon...
    Alyssa is now queen. Harry is king. It doesn't mean life is easy. When friends start to betray each other. Friendships will be broken. Lives with be lost. Realms will collapse. Since Alyssa is...
  • Kaytlinxoxo
    5 years agoReply
    Can't wait for a update read all of it in 2 hours
    Not To Old To Love (Janoskians)
    Not To Old To Love...
    Hi i'm Molly Brennan. I'm 3,000 years old. I'm a vampire but also a witch. I'm one of the most powerful creatures on earth. I have my best friend Emily. She's the 1,000 years younger then me. But instead...
  • Kaytlinxoxo
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    Can't wait for you to get Internet and to go to your grandmas and your friend to update :)))) I love your story I read the whole first story to this and all of te sequel in 1 1/2 hours its sooo good I couldn't stop
    Bloody Hearts (A Sequel to Bloody Love)
    Bloody Hearts (A...
    Welcome to the sequel to BLOODY LOVE!!!!!! Now after Harry died Cassie became secluded. She never talks to anyone. She even thinks about suicide. But what happens when she has to fight to get...
    Forever Young303
    5 years ago
    5 years ago
    Hahah samehere
  • Kaytlinxoxo
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    I love this story can't wait for another update :)
    Mated With My Hater
    Mated With My Hate...
    Lanna Môn Claire used to be a normal girl, she got excellent grades, did everything she was told and had a unique future. She was also the girl that had no real friends, someone who she could talk to....
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