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My name is Kayleigh and if you spell my name wrong, so help me God, I will slap you through the computer screen.


Sort of.

That was an awkward intro. Starting over. Okay.

(but seriously I will find a way to punish you)

My name is Kayleigh and I live an exceedingly boring life. Nothing happens to me. Ever. N O T H I N G.

So I figure the best way to cope with a boring life is to make a better one, through writing.

Writing has always been my escape from boredom, people, school, and most importantly, my own thoughts, because if I didn't write them down, my brain would literally explode and that's a traumatic thing to witness, so me writing is technically doing everyone around me a favor. I also tend to make my sentences unnaturally long, as you've probably noticed. I have problems. Lots of them.

I know this is boring to read, so ADIOS AMIGOS. (kayleigh just stop it you aren't Spanish)

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