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Hi there!

My name is Kayla!! I am a author.
Well I am not that good at these so I guess
fan me and read my stories<3

  • KaylaMarie09
    why did you take my idea? This was originally my book "fools gold" why are you doing this?
    Fool's Gold
    Fool's Gold
    ''I'm Fool's Gold Baby.'' @Copyrighted. All rights reserved
    3 years ago
    Okay sorry, I was just a little grumpy and mad because a family member died, I am really sorry and I understand you can keep it up:)
    nataly :)
    3 years ago
    Its ok I understand! Stay strong ok? Yay I can keep it up
    3 years ago
    @[KaylaMarie09] I know the situation is done with, and I'm sorry for you family member, but Id like to assure you that none of this is plagerism or "idea stealing". Trust me, just because of the same title doesn't mean we stole your idea.

    I'm pleased that you guys have sorted this out, but I just wanted you to know that this isn't what you think it is.
  • KaylaMarie09

    mumbled "Noooo!!!!!!"

    I don't want to go to school, my shoulder hurts from the car crash I was in and I can't carry over ten pounds with my right shoulder...I don't like school, I don't want to go.
  • KaylaMarie09

    mumbled "Please read..."

    I am thinking of leaving, I have a book on my computer that might be sent to a publisher but, I have really bad writers block for Youtubers and Australia and I never really come on here anymore...Should I leave???
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